Safety, Health & Environment Policy

Our Safety

Our Safety, Health & Environment Policy is to accomplish and implement the following in all the projects we are associated with:
  • Reduce Risk of Accidents
  • Reduce Risk of damage to the Property
  • Mitigate damage to the Environment
  • Provide minimum standards for health & welfare of the workers
  • Protect the environment
  • Shall strive to achieve the above goals by implementing:
    • Use of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) like safety headgear, shoes, harness, goggles, nose masks, ear muffs, gloves, gum boots, etc., as per the working conditions
    • Work permits for safe working at heights, depths, hazardous areas, etc.
    • Risk assessment of the work activity prior to commencement
    • Educating the worker regarding usage of PPE & safety norms of the company
    • Checking the materials used for construction works for its compliance to safety standards
    • Check on Plant, Machinery & Vehicles (PMV) used at site
    • Investigating incidents/ accidents in detail and reporting. Taking proper precautions to avoid recurrence of the incidents
    • Usage of proper sign boards
    • Conducting Tool Box training to workers of contractors in a planned and regular manner
    • To maintain safety checklists for various works carried out at construction site
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