Quality Policy

Our Policy

  • All systems and processes within the organisation are clearly defined and performance metrics in key areas closely monitored by the senior management to enable continuous improvement across all levels of the organisation.
  • CTT uses the following roadmap to establish the key performance indicators that will ensure these objectives are achieved:
    • Meet and exceed client's needs and expectations
    • Monitor key quality metrics for continuous improvement
    • Quality Initiatives implemented for awareness among all stakeholders
    • Improve Quality; company-wide through workshops & training
  • Results of monitoring are continuously reviewed and effective steps taken for continuous improvement by the Senior Management of the company. The company takes pro-active role in enhancing & upgrading the systems & processes of all stakeholders resulting in improved level of service to end users.
  • The quality of the work is checked constantly with procedures, checklists, quality audits & continuous technical up gradation. The quality audit shall be conducted at regular intervals and detailed reports on the same shall be submitted to the client. Effective 01 January 2012, such records shall be maintained in our archives for a period of 2 years.
  • A Quarterly and Annual Quality Review (QQR & AQR) shall be conducted by the Senior Management to consolidate the results of the monitoring exercise and take action to ensure implementation across all projects simultaneously.
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